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Some of the best short poems and rhymes from our collection . . . funny poems, sad poems, love poems, famous poems . . . and everyone contains less than 1000 characters . . . Yes - we have kept them SHORT.

Funny Short Poems - 969

Poem : Pool or Chess by Raymond A. Foss

He prowled the room
Around the table
Body bent, contorted
To make this shot
and the next, already planned
from angle and motion,
just enough
to sink it
Be ready

A miscue, a pause
to think
lick the new butt from the pack
light the spark
feel the heat
Laugh for effect
Through affable eyes

Work the table
Ball on ball
Smoke and music
Lean into the glass
Slide down the throat

Laugh at the banter
A Game, not so important
but for him, a challenge
a test of will, control where he can
Easy on his feet and in a crowd
Working the room
as he does, everyman and friend
comfortable confidante
Eight ball in corner pocket

= = = = = = = = = =

Sonnet Poems : Sonnet XXVIII: To Such As Say by Michael Drayton

To such as say thy love I overprize,
And do not stick to term my praises folly,
Against these folks, that think themselves so wise,
I thus oppose my Reason's forces wholly,
Though I give more than well affords my state,
In which expense the most suppose me vain,
Which yields them nothing at the easiest rate,
Yet at this price returns me treble gain.
They value not, unskillful how to use,
And I give much, because I gain thereby;
I that thus take, or they that thus refuse,
Whether are these deceived then, or I?
In everything I hold this maxim still:
The circumstance doth make it good or ill.

= = = = = = = = = =

Nature Poems : Part Two: Nature, XLI by Emily Dickinson

LIKE mighty footlights burned the red
At bases of the trees,—
The far theartricals of day
Exhibiting to these.

’T was universe that did applaud
While, Chiefest of the crowd,
Enabled by his royal dress,
Myself distinguished God.

= = = = = = = = = =

Poem : Sunday Afternoon by Raymond A. Foss

The loon and I
Alone on the lake
Below the threatening sky.

He watches me warily.
His red eye afire.
Am I a predator.
He doesn’t know.

He drops below the waves
Bobbing back up again.

The swallows dart and dive
Skimming on the wind dimpled surface.

Too early for boaters.
Too late for fisherman.
Quiet on the water.

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