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Some of the best short poems and rhymes from our collection . . . funny poems, sad poems, love poems, famous poems . . . and everyone contains less than 1000 characters . . . Yes - we have kept them SHORT.

Funny Short Poems - 800

Poem : Unfortunate by Rupert Brooke

Heart, you are restless as a paper scrap
That's tossed down dusty pavements by the wind;
Saying, 'She is most wise, patient and kind.
Between the small hands folded in her lap
Surely a shamed head may bow down at length,
And find forgiveness where the shadows stir
About her lips, and wisdom in her strength,
Peace in her peace. Come to her, come to her!' . . .

She will not care. She'll smile to see me come,
So that I think all Heaven in flower to fold me.
She'll give me all I ask, kiss me and hold me,
And open wide upon that holy air
The gates of peace, and take my tiredness home,
Kinder than God. But, heart, she will not care.

= = = = = = = = = =

Poem : Three Years by Raymond A. Foss

Three Years
But like yesterday
Remembering the feelings
The steps, actions taken
As the nation awoke, realized
Vulnerabilities (resolve to follow)
Towers fell and we wept
Another innocence lost
In our time, this time
Personal and angry

= = = = = = = = = =

Valentine Poem : Red and Blue (Happy Valentine’s Day 2008) by Raymond A. Foss

Buggies are Red

Buggies are Blue

I am very much

in love with you

= = = = = = = = = =

Poem : Disciplinarian by Raymond A. Foss

The law was the disciplinarian.
So I guess I understand more fully
the phrase, “throw the book at them”
Yes, it was the gate through which they walked
the means to an end that didn’t lead to the pit
but it was flawed, because we are human
we needed love, we needed saving grace
waiting for us when we asked for the indwelling
the living God to come into our spirits
to live in us, emblazoned on our hearts
permeating our souls, sustaining us
day by day in the face of challenges, temptations
which we could not resist alone
(or the prisons would be empty, the police released
from their vigil in the streets at night)
oh we needed the law to keep chaos at bay
But we needed His grace, His sacrifice
to save any one of us

June 23, 2007 21:39
Galatians 3:23-26

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