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Some of the best short poems and rhymes from our collection . . . funny poems, sad poems, love poems, famous poems . . . and everyone contains less than 1000 characters . . . Yes - we have kept them SHORT.

Funny Short Poems - 921

Poem : Prolong His Days by Raymond A. Foss

The days of the Lord
the risen and living God
God with us
His offspring, through the generations
Prolong His days
following in the family business
tending the fields,
the vineyards, watching over
the sheep, the fields
ripe for harvest
Spread His message of love
to the ends of the earth
Prolong His days
in the sharing of His life
a libation poured out
to save the world

February 23, 2008
Walk to Emmaus
Isaiah 53:1-12
Isaiah 53:10b

= = = = = = = = = =

Poem : Seasons of the Cross by Raymond A. Foss

Seeing the sunlight,
moving into the labyrinth
rising through the paces
leading to the cross
a vision of the yard
these steps
as the year unfolds
an image of the cross
in sun, in leaves, in snow
fleeting in my mind’s eye
this summer morning,
leading to fall
seasons of the cross
waiting for me

September 3, 2009
the cross in the labyrinth

= = = = = = = = = =

Memory Poems, Child Poems : In Memory of a Child by Vachel Lindsay


The angels guide him now,
And watch his curly head,
And lead him in their games,
The little boy we led.


He cannot come to harm,
He knows more than we know,
His light is brighter far
Than daytime here below.


His path leads on and on,
Through pleasant lawns and flowers,
His brown eyes open wide
At grass more green than ours.


With playmates like himself,
The shining boy will sing,
Exploring wondrous woods,
Sweet with eternal spring.


Yet, he is lost to us,
Far is his path of gold,
Far does the city seem,
Lonely our hearts and old.

= = = = = = = = = =

Poem : The Shining City by Raymond A. Foss

I saw a glimpse today
of the shining city on the hill,
the city with the streets of gold
high on the horizon on the mountainside
the sun a flaming ball perched there
with tongues of orange and yellow,
rich crimsons and purples on the hills,
the living clouds
as the sunset filled
my peripheral view
Seared into my memory
of the beauty of the moving color
the fleeting scene
before it fell behind the distant hills
melting into the darkening sky

December 11, 2006 21:55

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