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Some of the best short poems and rhymes from our collection . . . funny poems, sad poems, love poems, famous poems . . . and everyone contains less than 1000 characters . . . Yes - we have kept them SHORT.

Funny Short Poems - 781

Life Poems : Ready to step into life by Ivan Donn Carswell

This morning, coffee in hand, standing at the kitchen
window thinking of things that need to be done
I contemplated the post with a lean at the front gate
which I should right one day – and wondered why;
I like it that way, trying to take a first step,
embark on a journey perhaps, move in a new plane
like the man who should worry about it.
If I straighten it, it will be from subconscious
desires I don’t understand. I should wait a bit,
it might succeed and something new
will trouble me until I see it has gone.
Today I am building a frame to suspend
something miraculous (anything I succeed in is
miraculous), this frame has been planned
for years. If it rains, and there is no miracle in
that, the suspension will protect us from damp.
I have copied the pictures I held in my mind
into graphics on paper, they are somewhat alike,
leaning a bit like the post, ready to step into life.
I.D. Carswell

= = = = = = = = = =

Poem : He is Risen by Raymond A. Foss

Like Elijah, so was His rising
He was risen from the dead
the man who was Jesus,
the teacher to the apostles,
He was risen indeed
ascending into heaven
the person of Jesus,
the first born of the new creation
living with the Father in heaven
watching over us
who still live on earth

October 27, 2007 1:31
Part of the Apostle’s Creed

= = = = = = = = = =

Poem : Me from Myself -- to banish -- by Emily Dickinson

Me from Myself -- to banish --
Had I Art --
Impregnable my Fortress
Unto All Heart --

But since Myself -- assault Me --
How have I peace
Except by subjugating

And since We're mutual Monarch
How this be
Except by Abdication --
Me -- of Me?

= = = = = = = = = =

Poem : Shopping While Hungry by Raymond A. Foss

Yup, I did it again;
went shopping while hungry
I even stood at the deli counter,
contemplating whether or not
I should buy a bit, a taste
of Lebanon bologna and liverwurst,
maybe a bit of strong swiss,
a slice or two of dark pumpernickel
a pickle from a barrel
But I didn’t buy those,
for only I would eat them
or so I would guess
A salad would suffice,
rich, bright tastes,
dancing together
soon on my tongue,
after I finish these lines
Oh I went shopping hungry
and the bill was a bit larger;
but I got what I wanted,
not just what was on the list

April 29, 2008

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