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Some of the best short poems by famous people from our poetry collection . . .

William Morris

A Death Song by William Morris

A Good Knight In Prison by William Morris

Autumn by William Morris

Day by William Morris

Flora by William Morris

For the Bed at Kelmscott by William Morris

Love is enough by William Morris

Love is Enough by William Morris

Love's Gleaning Tide by William Morris

March by William Morris

Mine and Thine by William Morris

Near Avalon by William Morris

Near But Far Away by William Morris

Night by William Morris

November by William Morris

October by William Morris

Our Hands Have Met by William Morris

Pomona by William Morris

Praise of my Lady by William Morris

Sad-Eyed and Soft and Grey by William Morris

Sir Giles' War-Song by William Morris

Song I: Though the World Be A-Waning by William Morris

Song III: It Grew Up Without Heeding by William Morris

Song VI: Cherish Life that Abideth by William Morris

Spring by William Morris

Summer by William Morris

Summer Dawn by William Morris

The Doomed Ship by William Morris

The Nymph's Song to Hylas by William Morris

The Nymphs Song to Hylas by William Morris

The Story of Cupid and Psyche by William Morris

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